Towards the creation of a community health center

How to address the medical brain drain taking place throughout the region of Massif Central? Proposing to physicians that they work together in a community health facility often appears like a viable solution. But experience has shown that it is not enough to inaugurate a new building in order for professionals and the inhabitants to spontaneously use it.

La 27e Région, the Auvergne Region and Pionsat, the local association of cities, decided to set up a residency to investigate creating a health center. The objective was to see if it was possible to co-design a community health center with the local inhabitants, doctors and the local community of patients, families, local services and community organizations.

What was original in this approach? Rather than carrying out a study and outlining abstract recommendations, the team drafted multiple project proposals with the stakeholders concerned (doctors, firemen, caregivers, patients, etc.) based on the lines of inquiry and practices discussed during their meetings together. Three exploratory projects were designed and tested: the new doctor’s medicine bag, the living-at-home kit and a coordination mechanism for health professionals. Thinking about these issues will continue beyond the residency thanks to the creative toolbox left by the team.

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September 2009 - December 2009



Initiated by whom?

Auvergne Region
Pays de Pionsat

With whom?

Julie Bernard, architect

Gisèle Bessac, designer, founder of La Maison Ouverte

Marie Coirié, designer

Norent Saray-Delabar, designer