Towards enhanced citizenship

Hosted in the offices of the association Bug, editor of the local social network “La Ruche” (the Beehive), this residency, conducted in 2009, was set up to think about the potential and future of digital tools, which are too often fantasized. In the jungle of Facebook, Twitter and all the rest, is there room for collective and social uses, ones that are useful to society? How can the digital be linked to everyday life in the region?  How could local social networks represent an enhanced form of citizenship? The challenge was to stimulate the vitality of the local community, to concretize the digital social network as a real space in the region, and to assert its citizenship role and its values. The residency has led to the emergence of new projects for the local social network: personalized maps of the region; creation of the social network’s visible presence in the city thanks to public displays and via the local newspaper; the organization of festive events stamped “La Ruche”; the highlighting of a “citizen” content which is both informative and sensitive.

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July 2009 - November 2009



Initiated by whom?

Bretagne Region

With whom?

Pierre Cahurel, designer, cofounder of Grrr Agency

Jacky Foucher, designer, co-founder of the Grrr Agency

Margot Lebrin, Designer

Catherine Jourdan, Artist & psychologist

François Jégou, designer, founder of Strategic design scenarios