A creative approach to imagining the public service methods and tools of tomorrow

How can public service be made more attractive, more democratic, more efficient and better organized in terms of practices to meet the needs of citizens at controlled costs? What if the conventional mechanisms for public action were tackled from a creative and future-oriented standpoint?

Les Eclaireurs (“The Frontliners”, previously called La Pointeuse) is a collaborative foresight tool developed by La 27e Région to imagine the public service offer of tomorrow. By pointing a finger where a problem lies, Les Eclaireurs helps identify the tools, methods and processes that public authorities could employ in the future.

A creative methodology in 4 phases

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Each session of Les Eclaireurs gathers a small group of participants – researchers, experts or practionners of the selected topic. Together with a team of designers and public policy specialists, they identify the major controversies of the topic. Those reflexions are then used to create the script of a short video summarizing the key information to have in mind (1). After this first phase, the participants explore blind spots of the topic and imagine new ideas, solutions and tools (2).

Then, the team of designers and public policy specialists uses those ideas to create an inspiring and illustrated scenario that is disclosed during a restitution workshop (3). Finally, voluntary collectivities test some parts of this scenario in their own administration, in the field (4).


All 14 topics have been identified and deliberately presented in a provocative manner to stir up controversy, pierce through the haze and generate inspiration. All question the current work methods employed by public players and their capacity to innovate. To date, two topics have already been investigated: “the “engaged” evaluation” and “the “supportive” local politician”.

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