Les éclaireurs #1 committed evaluation

Although it has never been more crucial to evaluate the real impact of public policies in order to improve them, public administrations often have a hard time getting beyond the basic management ritual. How can we change these practices in the future?

Les Eclaireurs #1 (“The pathfinders”) investigated “committed evaluation”. For a day and a half of workshops, seven participants from different horizons decoded together the challenges hidden behind this notion and imagined new ways to respond to it. The little booklet that can be downloaded below is the fruit of their collaboration, which the Les Eclaireurs team has reworked to devise an inspiring scenario.

This scenario, in which you are invited to roam about, speaks of a new evaluation process for public policy which, if not biased, seeks to be more engaging, i.e., an evaluation process that develops trust, arouses one’s curiosity and draws alliance rather than distrust or judgment. A process that reintroduces a cross-discipline approach in the way in which work is performed within administrations. A process making it easier to implement recommendations, one that incorporates the work of evaluators, which is usually left behind.

Learn more about the project: download our French delivrable.
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March 2015


Superpublic, Paris 11e

Initiated by whom?

La 27eRegion

With whom?

Yoan Ollivier, designer, cofounder of Plausible Possible

Grégoire Alix-Tabeling, designer, cofounder of Plausible Possible