Co-build new training formats to provide public agents with effective tools

The goal of La 27e Région is to contribute to a new culture of public action by promoting public service engineering that is more agile, and that targets the end result, leaving room for trial and error and experimentation. At present the demand for training in public innovation is very high, while initial experiments in this field are just starting to become transferable know-how. It is thus essential to pursue the work of defining and formalizing new training formats to transfer these new capabilities to as many public players as possible.


Mixing theoretical and critical input, testimonies and presentations of experiments, simulations and practical applications, “discovery sessions” are designed to meet individual requests for learning new methods and practices focused on public innovation. Led by the La 27e Région team and accessible by enrollment, each discovery session proposes an introduction to these new approaches and puts them in perspective. The next session will be held on March 10th, 2016.

Upcoming discovery session:
March 10th, 2016

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A hybrid creation, the chart of capabilities is designed as an initial step towards producing and sharing high quality training contents in public innovation in open source mode with training organizations and local/regional authorities. Its purpose is to set up a common base by establishing a panorama of capabilities and the types of training needed to create public services that are more inventive and resilient. All are free to develop the base by nuancing and complementing the existing spectrum, and even by adding new capabilities and training types they find missing.

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