Culinary heritage and short cuts in an agricultural high school

This third residency in the Champagne-Ardenne region took place in the Balcon-des-Ardennes agricultural high school, located in Saint-Laurent. The task of the immersion team was to investigate ways to organize agricultural short cuts to develop the local culinary heritage in the school, and also to determine how this concept could be concretized in school establishments in general, relying on all those involved either directly or indirectly.

By encountering many different persons and by organizing workshops on the topics selected by the stakeholders involved, i.e. on the vocabulary, the gastronomic heritage, the school food service, the team quickly realized that the school already had a strong culture for proposing projects and that many initiatives had already been implemented. The work of the team was consequently focused on enhancing the value of these initiatives and on ensuring their consistency and extension in connection with the initial task set forth.

Four initiatives were organized at the end the residency: role playing, designed to accompany teaching on the issue of short cuts in high school; sharing recipes, consisting of the collaborative collection of recipes to transmit and promote the “living” culinary heritage and also to create links within the institution; mapping the school’s projects, comprising the setting up of a participatory digital tool to promote and provide tools for the school’s projects and to link them to the local and regional context; Balcon-des-Ardennes appetizers, consisting of collecting stories that deftly portray the institution through the words of its stakeholders (staff, suppliers, students, etc.).

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April 2010 - June 2010


Agricultural College of Balcon des Ardennes, Saint-Laurent

Initiated by whom?

Champagne-Ardenne's Region

With whom?

Adèle Seyrig, designer

Shah-Dia Rayan, agronomist & anthropologist engineer, Scop Oxalis

Hélène Caubel, sociologist, cultural projects manager

Anne Fontaimpe, designer