Digital regional activator

What is the digital identity of the right bank area of Bordeaux? This residency was organized to understand the digital practices of right bank inhabitants (on blogs, in newspapers and social networks) in order to stimulate these uses and invent others to inspire city policies finely tuned to the concerns of citizens. The project opened up to cover an even broader topic, that of open innovation, conducted with the New Generation Internet Foundation (FING) in four towns connecting to Bordeaux: Bassens, Cenon, Floirac and Lormont.

By exploring the public digital space in Cenon and its surroundings, the team of residents investigated the potential of digital data and uses linked to this space. How could this digital activity serve local development, help appropriate local spaces and encourage the emergence of projects? Using tools to represent this activity (the “map of observations”) and to formalize ideas (digital suggestion box, the mixing of lexical fields), the residents worked with the citizens, community workers and local web pioneers to design projects to be used locally, along with tools to better structure physical and digital spaces.


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June 2009 - December 2009



Initiated by whom?

Aquitaine Region

With whom?

Antoine Boilevin, designer

Hubert Guillaud, journalist, chief editor of Internet Actu

Fanny Herbert, sociologist, cofounder of Carton Plein

Denis Pellerin, designer, cofounder of User Studio

Laura Pandelle, designer

Matthieu Savary, designer, cofounder of User Studio