High human quality high school

This residency was conducted between November 2009 and March 2010 in a small vocational middle school in Tinqueux, a suburb of Reims. With only 400 students, it is a human-sized school welcoming many students who are failing at school (mostly boys) and providing training in techniques related to sustainable development (solar panel maintenance, etc.).

The focus of the residency was to highlight sustainable development not only from an environmental standpoint, but also from its social standpoint. The idea quickly emerged to engage in four projects at this “High Human Quality” school: using an enclosed outdoor area as a temporary shelter for recreational activities until the school’s rec room was ready; setting up a bikebus system for the boarding school students; accompanying the programming process for the future school building and thinking about ways to set up a cooperation network among the various vocational schools in the area.

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November 2009 - March 2010


Croix-Cordier middle-school, Tinqueux

Initiated by whom?

Champagne-Ardenne Region

With whom?

Gabi Farage, architect, urban planner, co-founder of Le Bruit du Frigo.

Olivier Bedu, architect, member of Le Cabanon Vertical

Aude Guyot, designer

Chloé Rondeau, cultural mediator