The town hall of tomorrow

What services are offered to Parisians, and what services do they expect from arrondissement (borough) councils? How do we value the services that already work well? What spatial organization? What should be the position and functions of the front desk agents? What is the relationship between the arrondissement council, its external partners and the city council? How to better link physical and digital services?

From September 2015 to January 2016, the City of Paris and the 27th Region led an exploratory and creative project on the theme of hospitality in the arrondissement town Hall. The residence is located in the constrained, cramped-spaces town hall of the 19th arrondissement, a borough with 186,000, mainly lower-class, inhabitants. The dematerialization of administrative services is galloping and the normative inflation of the administration leads to ever more specific individual paths requiring more mediation and accompaniment of the users.

The residence aims at designing tomorrow’s reception and service delivery in the arrondissement town hall and, consequently, the improvement in the quality of services and relations with the users of Paris arrondissement councils, and more specifically of the 19th arrondissement.

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September 2015 - January 2016



Initiated by whom?

The municipality of Paris

With whom?

Julien Defait, public service designer

Marion Blatter, social designer

Paul Hallé, sociologist and facilitator of participatory processes

Hakim Romatif, comedian and stage director

Gwenaelle Leleu, graphic designer

Frédérique Pallez, researcher and professor in management sciences

Burcu Ozdirlik, urban planner, architect and researcher