A public service office on the street corner

Between October 2013 and March 2014, la 27e Région and the Secretariat-General for Government Modernization (SGMAP) launched an exploratory approach to setting up neighborhood public services. The objective was to understand the obstacles and failures encountered in accessing public administrations, and to discover ways to improve existing mechanisms. This action forms part of the work on Relais Services Publics (RSP) undertaken since 2008 by DATAR and the SGMAP with a view to setting up “ground-level links” between citizens and public authorities.

Hosted in the Clunysois “group of communities”, Saône-et-Loire region, the residency explored the challenges involved in accessing public services in rural areas from the standpoint of both the isolation of certain fragile groups of citizens, and the difficulty for the public services themselves to remain present in these areas via local public offices, auxiliary services, partly manned services, and digital terminals. In parallel, the team also took up residency in the SGMAP to communicate the lessons learned in the field in order to inform ongoing policy development at national level.

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January 2014 - June 2014


Cluny's Local community council

Initiated by whom?

Cluny's Local community council
The Government modernization program (SGMAP)

With whom?

Boris Chevrot, Doctoral student in sociology & Cluny's public service mediator

Céline Andronikos, Project manager with the Government Modernization Program (SGMAP)

François Jégou, designer, founder of Strategic design scenarios

Laura Pandelle, designer

Romain Thévenet, designer, DTA, Scop Oxalis