Entrelabs: Immersion in public design

On June 18th and 19th, La 27e Région, the MindLab, and many other public innovation labs, such as the Nesta in the UK, the OPM GOV in Washington, the Central Gov Innovation in Canada, el LabGov in Chile, InWithForward in Canada or Strategic Design Scenarios in Belgium, met together during two days of workshop under the aegis of Design For Europe program.

During the first day, different projects of design in public services in France and in Denmark were presented thanks to “projects journey” compound of clubs and steps marked out the garden, in order to permits to the participants explore participants physically the projects, and take place there. Designers had the opportunity to exchange on their respective methodologies, about the difficulties that they could met on  service public project.

Nice conversations began here, and other come in perspective…

Learn more about Immersion in Public Design:

Discover the reflections of Rie Maktabi, who create the scenography of the event.

And here another post on La 27e Région’s blog, initiated by Stéphane Vincent.

Introducing Sarah Schulman, InWithForward

Presentation of François Jégou, SDS

Presentation of Gregory Alix-Tabeling, Possible Plausible

Introducing Giulio Quaggiotto, Nesta

Short interview of Charles Leadbeater

Presentation of Sabine Junginger 


2 days


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La 27e Région & MindLab

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