the scaling up of innovation labs

The first Entrelabs workshop took place this past April 13th 2015. Participants included the PACA Region Lab, the Pays de la Loire Region Innovation Team, the Futurs Publics program of SGMAP and the network of innovation reference persons of the City of Paris public departments.

Several communities and French administrations have set up in-house the means for innovation and action-research based on design, social innovation and the social sciences and humanities. Entrelabs are workshops held twice yearly to meet the needs of these entities for evaluation and improvement.

The workshop investigations were largely concentrated on the question of increasing the scale of these innovation labs, in order to move from an experimental procedure to an established procedure shared by the institution as a whole. How can a user-based approach be spread to the institutional level, sensitizing as many civil servants as possible and making them proactive and independent in conducting innovative procedures? How can what has already been accomplished be recognized and how can innovation be valued beyond political changes in governance?

In light of the feedback from several attempts (successful or not) made to anticipate generalizing to a larger scale and the drafting of a map of obstacles and possible leverage effects, the participants worked on producing a grid of proposals focused on two major challenges: where are we going – what is the trajectory these Labs will follow? What is the realpolitik of the Labs – what is their strategy for survival when confronted with reality?

Learn more about the project: download the French delivrable.


April 2015


Superpublic, Paris 11e

Initiated by whom?

the Lab of PACA region,
the innovation team of Pays de la Loire region,
Futurs Publics (SGMAP),
the innovation referents network from Paris City.