Inauguration of Superpublic

In 2014, after having spent 5 happy years sharing a space with the Fondation Internet Nouvelle Génération (New Generation Internet Foundation), La 27e Région set out to find new premises to accommodate its activities and collaborators, and its partners for periodic encounters. This is part of RE•ACTEUR PUBLIC’s program (launched by La 27e Région early 2014), the goal of which is to give greater visibility and amplitude to the emerging community of public service innovation.

On November 12th, 2014, 27e Région inaugurated Superpublic, a 300 square meter workspace located in the 11th district of Paris and home to the association and to design and public innovation professionals. To celebrate the opening of Superpublic, an open house consisting of two roundtables led by the designer François Jégou was organized for the public at large. The first roundtable was devoted to field observation tools (photos, videos, narratives) and gave voice to four design agencies – Plausible Possible and Talking Things (Paris), Strategic Design Scenarios (Brussels) and STBY (London and Amsterdam). The second was focused on feedback from designers working within public administrations compared to that provided by agents engaged in innovative procedures.

These interchanges were followed by the official inauguration in the presence of Maryslise Lebranchu, Minister of Decentralization and Public Functions, Emmanuel Grégoire, assistant to the Mayor of Paris, Alain Rousset, president of ARF (association of regional authorities), Laure de La Breteche, General Secretary for Modernizing Public Action and Christian Paul, parliament member from Nièvre and president of La 27e Région. The evening then continued with a festive cocktail party. 

The inauguration prefigures a series of events open to the public that will be part of Superpublic’s program. Designed for practitioners, as well as for students, researchers and the public at large, these events will investigate basic questions regarding public service innovation and touch on its methods, values and controversies.

The participants: Grégoire Alix-Tabeling (Plausible Possible), Xavier Figuerola and Alexandre Musche (Talking Things), Marie de Vos (STBY), Christophe Gouache (Strategic Design Scenarios), Marie Coirié (independent designer) Caroline Baumgart (SGMAP) and Céline Andronikos (SGMAP).

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12th of november 2014


Superpublic, Paris 11e

Initiated by whom?

La 27e Région
Plausible Possible
Marie Coirié