Pubic Re•actor

State, regional and local authorities work together to invent a new culture of public action

is both a consortium of actors eager to accelerate the development of new approaches for the production of public policies, and a multi-year program to implement concrete actions by the end of 2017.

These achievements will go in four directions, and began in 2014: the community, foresight, training and publishing.

A call for creative design methods

Public agencies or private consultancies, universities, schools, designers and freelance sociologists, think or do-tanks, internal and external innovation laboratories administrations …

Common to all these initiatives is that they seek to renew the traditional public management practices by the contribution of other creative cultures (design, creative design), social sciences (sociology, ethnology), social innovation (or “innovation by the people, for the people”), or digital practices (“DIY – do it yourself “, open software).

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Do better with less or do differently?

Since a number of years, pioneering local and regional administrations and governments are testing new ways of producing meaningful public policies that are both more efficient and more democratic.

In France, the pioneers are regions involved in the Innovation Lab program of La 27e Région, The Transfo (Region Pays de la Loire, Champagne-Ardenne or Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur), the program Futurs Publics conducted by the SGMAP (Secretariat-General for Government Modernisation), experiments conducted by the Department of Val d’Oise or that of Loire-Atlantique, or the “Factory of Hospitality” created by the University Hospital of Strasbourg. In Denmark, the government has just celebrated the 13th anniversary of MindLab, an innovation lab at the forefront of these approaches. Some twenty similar initiatives are emerging in London, Mexico City, Boston, New York, Dublin and Singapore.