The Transfo, Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur Region

After carrying out two residencies in 2010 (“Thinking the Future of Digital Public Spaces” and “Low-energy Region”), the PACA Region began the Transfo program in May 2012 on the issue of employment. Very quickly the focus turned to youth employment and primarily to deploying the Jobs of the Future program launched simultaneously nationwide. The Transfo explored this theme with a team of volunteers, civil servants among them, and specifically investigated how to account for the views of young people in conducting the program. The Transfo team subsequently initiated two projects: “My Digital Future” and “Eating Better at High School”. Convinced by this experience, the group of civil servants, accompanied by La 27e Région, set up an “Innovation Lab” in the Regional Council to incorporate the “Transfo” methods and mindset into the work practices of its employees. They also recruited a designer to assist them in the process.

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Dispositif d’amélioration continue des emplois d’avenir 

Mon avenir Num’Eric 

Mieux manger au lycée


May 2012 - October 2014


PACA Regional Council

Initiated by whom?

Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur Region

With whom?

Anaïs Triolaire, designer, confondatrice du Studio Invivo

Pauline Scherer, sociologue

Eugène Roux, designer, cofondateur de l'agence Etrange Ordinaire

Romain Thévenet, designer, DTA, Scop Oxalis

Catherine Belotti, spécialiste de l'emploi et de l'innovation sociale

Frédérique Sonnet, sociologue