The Transfo, Pays de la Loire Region

The starting point of the Transfo in the Pays de la Loire Region was the intuition that foresight studies can be more participatory and used as a springboard for transforming public policy. Although the region had never worked with La 27e Région, it joined the initiative in 2012 when it launched its forward-looking “Pays de la Loire 2040″ program. The Transfo is serving as a “scout” in this context to anticipate issues and is helping design “Workshops of the Future”, a series of public debates on the region’s future.

Convinced by these initial actions, the Region decided to set up its own innovation team, to ensure an in-house “innovation function”. The region has now dedicated and trained/de-trained civil servants invested in innovation and developed new work methods, tried and tested procedures, and an extensive program of work. At present, the region plays the role of project supporter and facilitator for its departments, the goal being to take the necessary step back to co-create with the project developers “the most innovative, effective and efficient solutions”.

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February 2012 - February 2014


Regional Council of Pays de la Loire, Nantes

Initiated by whom?

Pays de la Loire Region

With whom?

Jacky Foucher, designer, co-founder of the Grrr Agency

Clément Tissandier, Designer

Léonie Ferry, Designer

Shah-Dia Rayan, agronomist & anthropologist engineer, Scop Oxalis

Louise Ollier, Consultant specialised in accompagning the organizations and groups, Scop Oxalis