The capabilities chart

The demand for training in public innovation is blossoming, but currently no suitable and organized offer is available to meet it, and training organizations often balk at the idea of pooling their efforts. But for a new culture of public action to become widespread, agents need to be trained. In light of this situation, La 27e Région team has initiated, within the framework of RE•ACTEUR PUBLIC, the creation of a “CAPABILITIES CHART” to produce inventive public action.

This panorama of skills comprises an initial attempt to identify the training needed to reinforce the inventiveness of public agents and cultivate their capacity to think out of the box. The Capabilities Chart covers eight major sectors, ranging from “the Geopolitics of public innovation” and “Opening possibilities” to “Doing together”. Each sector is nuanced into as many “skills” to be learned (new ways to be, do, act…).

In the vague form of a training catalogue, this document remains, for the moment, a fictional draft. It is not a finished publication but a support for discussion, necessarily incomplete. The goal is to set up a common base by defining a global array of capabilities and types of training needed to make public service more inventive and resilient. Everyone is free to develop the base by nuancing and complementing the existing chart, and by adding new capabilities and types of training that they find missing. The Capabilities Chart is designed as an initial step towards producing and sharing high quality training contents in open source mode for training organizations, trainers and local/regional authorities.





Initiated by whom?

The team of La 27e Région