Public Policy Design

What would public action look like if it were designed with and for the people?

That’s the question raised by Public Policy Design, the first publication of La 27e Région.

The book is based on the Territoires en Résidence ongoing experiment, where a multi-disciplinary team works in total immersion in situ with a local entity (district, neighborhood, school, public center, etc.) and the users/local inhabitants for a total of three discontinuous weeks to improve/redesign the public service. The publication describes around thirty “residencies” in which the local inhabitants and/or users actively participated in redesigning public services. The goals of such projects are, for example, to open the school system to the public, to combat rural isolation or to meet the challenges of energy transition.


April 2010


Inspired by projects carried out in many French regions

Initiated by whom?

The team of La 27e Région