• Friendly-hacking into the public sector

    Friendly-hacking into the public sector

    On June 17-19, 2013, La 27e Région participated in a conference called CO-CREATE, organized by Aalto University’s SimLab in Helsinki. Researchers from many disciplines involved in various types of co-creation processes attended the conference. Some of La 27e Région’s friends where there, including La Fabrique de l’Hospitalité and User Studio. Click here to read the […]

  • Debate Writing

    Debate Writing

    In March, 2013, Jesper Christiansen (Mindlab), Sarah Schulman (InWithForward) and I met in Copenhagen to test a new methodology: Debate Writing. The three questions we discussed together are the following: How do we put social sciences into action, not simply design them? What’s the role of laypersons in our work? Are we simply making tools […]