Christine Dugontier

town planner, founder of the "Agir en Ville" agency, member of the "Capitale Ad'hoc" Collective

D.P.L.G. Architect – Urban planner, an associate of the S.F.U. Christine is part of the collective CAPITAL AD’HOC, urban professionals of the metropolitan area Aix-Marseille who took the initiative to reflect on the role of large public facilities as “sentinels”. She has conducted private and public housing operations. Fascinated by the urban issue, she collaborated with the city of Montreuil and Mission Plaine St-Denis-le Bourget. Meanwhile, she taught 9 years at school “Cities and Areas”. In 2000 she created “Agir en Ville” in association with Claire Poutaraud and supports public authorities in territorial strategy projects, urban development and operational mounting of a Sustainable Neighbourhood.