Re-enchanting public action #1

In the wake of Re-enchanting public action #0, the team of residents of the PACA region Transfo program decided to decided to reuse the format and the lessons learned from the experiment to imagine a new version of the training-action mechanism as a follow-up and perfect end to the adventure.

This action was addressed to a targeted and informed public: while the two years of the Transfo program accompaniment was drawing to an end and the Region’s innovation lab was just about to come into being, the goal was to enable the agents having participated in the experiment to explain, lead and design the assistance they could propose within the new innovation lab.

To more thoroughly master and complement the methodological aspects of the creative design of public policy, this 2-day training action was focused on four precise points:

  • reformulating an order (“benevolent starter”),
  • generating new ideas, brainstorming,
  • rapid prototyping,
  • the public acquisition of innovative services and/or design

September 2014


PACA Regional Council

Initiated by whom?

Région Provence-Alpes-Cote d'Azur

With whom?

Frédérique Sonnet, sociologist

Eugène Roux, designer, cofounder of Etrange Ordinaire

Romain Thévenet, designer, DTA, Scop Oxalis