Les éclaireurs: the local elected official

Les Eclaireurs (previously called La Pointeuse) is a collaborative foresight tool developed by La 27e Région to imagine the public service offer of tomorrow. By pointing a finger where a problem lies, Les Eclaireurs helps identify the tools, methods and processes that public authorities could employ in the future.

For each topic of Les Eclaireurs, we produce together with Les Beaux Yeux a video popularizing the basic principles on which French public policy is founded. The subject of our second episode: the local elected official.

To prepare for shooting the film, we carried out research and met with the sociologist Alain Faure.

The film was shot in one day in June 2015 and is available here (in French with English subtitles).


June 2015


Superpublic, Paris 11th district

Initiated by whom?

La 27e Région

With whom?

Marguerite Fouletier, video editor, Les Beaux Yeux

Romain Rabier, director of photography and cameraman, Les Beaux Yeux